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sonic marches in parade: one hospitalized, several injured

"Once upon a time, Sonic was The Man."
Apr 29 2024

ai goes to the supreme court (of public opinion) which I appoint myself as the judge, jury, and executioner for three different uses of generative AI.
Apr 23 2024

this is not democracy manifest

The best way to radicalize someone against democracy is to tell them that America is one.
Apr 08 2024

roman opałka and our journey towards infinity

We are all just painting numbers, and that's okay.
Apr 01 2024

video: the truman show, patti smith, and art warped by time

A story of three works of art at war with the future.
Mar 27 2024

patreon launch and new video premiere!

Also, an Patreon-exclusive written piece.
Mar 26 2024