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ai goes to the supreme court (of public opinion) which I appoint myself as the judge, jury, and executioner for three different uses of generative AI.
Apr 23 2024

this is not democracy manifest

The best way to radicalize someone against democracy is to tell them that America is one.
Apr 08 2024

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Down the Ladder is an independent multimedia project that provides analysis and commentary on politics, media, and history.

My name is Damian Thomas, and I've been writing off-and-on about politics, history, and media since 2017.

This project is what it says on the tin: an attempt to take discourse and media that are abstract and indefinite and pull them "down the ladder" - that is to say, ground them in material reality.

The content here ranges from media analysis, to covering the historical context behind contemporary political events, all the way to on-the-ground reporting. If you like what you see, feel free to support me using the link below.

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